Jessie J. Masterpiece Analysis

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My life this past year can be explained by the song "Masterpiece" by Jessie J. Masterpiece is about not worrying about the people that hate on you and embracing yourself. It's about growing as a person into your masterpiece and that is why it is my theme song. I'd say this year has been the best year of my middle school experience. Last year was probably my worst year in academics, behavior, and self-love. I disliked my school, the teachers, and most of the people in it. I felt like no one was on my side. This year has been so different. I feel like I've excelled at academics, sports, and friendships, and it all started when I came to MME. The atmosphere was so different. It was comforting to feel that the teachers were there to help you learn from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them. I met many good friends who have made my year so much better. I've grown a lot this year, mentally and maturity wise. My teachers, my friends, and my family have been a big part of it. This year I've come to realize that your happiness is so important. If you keep doing things but they don't make you…show more content…
In my theme song Jessie J sings "You talk that Blah blah that la la, that rah rah sh. And I'm so done, I'm so over it. Sometimes I mess up, I eff up, I hit and miss. But I'm okay, I'm cool with it." I can relate to this because this year I've learned not to care what people talk about you or what they say. I know I mess up all the time, but I don't care as much what people say about me. In the previous years I would think people were always looking at how I acted or what I wore; now I dress how I want to dress and it makes me a happier person. In the past year athletics has changed for me too. I've learned to have fun, not get to stressed about meets, and most importantly not to compare myself to others. It betters me as a swimmer and as a person when I have a positive
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