Jessie J's Flashlight

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I have a serious medical condition when I was a little baby my parents were told that I’d never be able to talk or walk. But now I’m 18 and can do both of those really well. I even can sing.

A performance I attended last year was when I chose to sing at my year 12 formal instead of giving a speech. I sung my version of Jessie J’s “Flashlight”. It was amazing to see how many people were happy to hear me sing. I knew after that performance that all I want is to sing for people and inspire people to do whatever they want to do and that they can do what they want not what people only say they can do. After I sung that night my singing teacher and myself were getting wonderful feedback. It also now motivates me to now want to take on a career in music.
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I watched Jessie J’s official music clip for the song and the idea of me singing and dedicating it to all of the year 12’s including myself fitted perfectly to the purpose of singing the song on the
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