Jesus : A Life Of Humility

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We have always heard that Jesus served others and how He was an example to the disciples, but have we really believed and think about the miracles he did back then? According to, an article named following the example of Jesus, Jesus, the Son of God, the Most High King, Lord of Lords, never placed himself in a position above others. He led by serving, and He loved by serving. He washed feet. He fed thousands. He walked to visit and heal the sick and dead. He stopped to touch and heal a sick woman. He spent time with those no one else cared to spend time with. Jesus lived a life of humility. But what does really serving others mean? According to, serving others means being unselfish, and doing something for someone else without expecting any reward or gain. Serving others also means helping people out when they cannot complete a task by themselves. There are many times that we ask ourselves why we have to serve others? Why is this something we need to do so God will see us as servants? There are many reasons why God wants us to be servants and I think the most obvious is because He served others and we need to look up to be like him in every way. According to we were created to serve others. In this article we learn that even before we were born God had already planned a life of service for us. As humans we were created to serve others and if we are not doing so, we are missing out on the reason why we were created. Another…

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