Jesus : A Reflection Of A Church In The Church

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When we read and study on this pericope, we not only see Jesus giving us a paradigm for pastoring his flock, but we also see Jesus revealing to us what’s to come through his messianic reign.
The three points this paper will highlight will show the reader how the illustration Jesus provides in this passage of scripture shows us how the pastoral assignment runs parallel with the assignment of shepherding; Jesus had a two-fold purpose of this parable, and lastly, though this parable is over 2,000 years old, it is still relevant today.
In our churches today, you will probably see that most pastors do not intend to die for their flock. If a pastor literally dies for their flock, it was a catastrophic accident. Isaiah the eagles eyed prophet told many things about the messianic reign that was to come. In Isaiah 11:40, “he shall tend to his flock like a shepherd.” This is parallel to Jesus’ conversation of him being the good shepherd. With this we see that he is even willing to lay down his life.
Jesus was a shepherd who came to die not only for His sheep, but for the entire world. Jesus, on several occasions, identified himself as the “Good Shepherd”, but he also compares the human relationship and mutual cognition he shares with the sheep, to the relationship and intimate knowledge he share with his heavenly father.
Jesus lays out the paradigm how pastors should also be shepherds to their sheep, and are willing to do all that is necessary to save their flock.
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