Jesus: A Short Story

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Oh, how I can imagine how it must have been on that day when Jesus was not found in his tomb!

Picture this!

Prior to this, Jesus had been dragged to the cross with a crown of thorns on his head. As he made his way to the cross, a lot of people must have gathered to witness this 'man' they obviously thought was deranged and a fraud!

Whispers here and there as he endured the pain and listened to the whispers, as he struggled to walk. Imagine the taunting voices whisspering...''have you heard, this man says he is the King of the Jews! And another one whispers...look at him, now! Have tou heard that that he equals himself to God! ''

The mockery and the slander must have followed him all the way, to the cross, until he finally took his
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What really mattered was for him to finish his assignment here on earth.

Soon after, the Passover celebration had come and gone, and the Sabbath was over, life in Jerusalem was starting to get back to normal.

The week before, had been so dramatic. The very people who had celebrated his arrival in Jerusalem, were the very same people that had shouted C'rucify him, crucify him!

The people had demanded that an innocent man be put to death. I can imagine that some people didnt even know the full details of the events leading to his crucifition. Yet they shouted louder, defeaning the protests of those who truly loved

ow could that be?

These events had caused some women's hearts to be laden with grief. All they could think of was to wake up early that sunday morning and visit the place where they had laid him to rest. Everything had happened so quickly;. Their beloved wise friend Jesus, whom they loved was no more. They wanted to make sure that he was prepared for burial, so they took it upon themselves to visit his tomb.

We know through the scriptures that these wome came from different backgrounds, but each one of them had had an encounter with
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