Jesus And Gandhi On Poverty Essay

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Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi on Poverty
Poverty a worldwide problem that affects everybody who deals with the situation. People living in poverty are at the lowest of the lowest in the social, economic and political class. Another word for poverty is the slums. In today’s world there is an estimate of three-billion people that live in poverty. The average poverty person live off of just $2.50 a day. One third of the people that live in poverty are children. Over twenty-two thousand children die due to poverty. People lose their everyday life due to living in poverty. Those are just some facts that gave me interest on this topic to see a sense of understanding of it.
The number one killer in the world today is hunger. The way the world is set up, nobody should die from hunger. There is a way provide food for the people in poverty. I personally feel that with some effort as nation, the United Nations can stop world hunger. Farming and manufacturing is too efficient to have people go without food. Instead of having wars on materialistic things in search of power, we should be helping people in need instead letting people lose their life due to hunger.
Christianity is a monotheistic religion that is based on the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus” (Fisher302). This religion is currently the largest religion in the world with a population over 2.4 billion followers are currently known as Christians. In Christianity, poverty living could
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