Jesus And Mohammed Essay

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In both Christian and Islamic religions, a monotheistic religion applies. Jesus is the embodiment of Christ and Mohammed is the profit that lives through Allah. Both of those leaders are the main pillars of each of their religions. Both live lives that were in a condense to each of the religions the correct way to live. For each of the religions both Jesus and Mohammed are what every single follower aspires to live like. They lived rigious and just lives. Their deaths marked the start of new religions. Each one is worshiped each and every day by their followers. Even today their message is carried out to the fullest extent. Both Jesus and Mohammed were leaders of their religions, however their lives were very different. Jesus was born …show more content…
Jesus never once prayed for forgiveness because he lived a sinless life, while Mohammed prayed regularly for the forgiveness for his sins. Jesus never once raised war; he said that the kingdom of heaven was not of this world so it did not need to be fought for. Mohammed raised many wars with over sixty battles in order to spread monotheism. Jesus never once ordered the death of anyone, he believed life was to sacred to end. Mohammed killed many men and women to establish monotheism. After life of dedication to his people Jesus dies by crucifixion in Jerusalem at only thirty-three years of age. Mohammed died in Medina at the age of sixty-two from a long sickness. Jesus rose from his death in three days, while Mohammed still waits in his grave for the Day of Judgment. It seems that Jesus is more of a perfect being, while Mohammed is more of an everyday person. Mohammed developed a code of behavior directly from Allah. It was said that this happened due to the encounter he had with the angle Gabriel. Mohammed is regarded as the most perfect profit and the last angel. Mohammed was also described to be Allah or gods direct messenger. It seemed in his early teachings, Mohammed took certain teachings from the Jewish community, while towards the later teachings of Mohammed they seem to cut them out. One thing they both kept in common was the prohibition for eating pork. A confrontation arose between the Jewish tribes and Mohammed in Medina. Mohammed ordered all
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