Jesus And The Blind Man

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1. Jesus decides to heal the blind man in two stages rather than just one in order to reveal to the disciples their own spiritual blindness. Even though up to this point they have seen Jesus perform various miracles, the disciples continuously struggle to see Jesus as the Messiah. They are blinded by their own pre-conceived notions their culture has fed them with. Mark elects to include this story in his Gospel because he feels it also applies to his audience. He wants to warn them against their own spiritual blindness. Since it is believed Mark was writing to a persecuted Christian group, Mark is encouraging the readers to wait for God to fulfill his promises in due time. He does not want his audience to lose hope. Jesus may not heal or fulfill his promises it in our timing, but regardless Jesus will do what needs to be done. 2. Anyone would interpret Mark 8:27-9:1 as the second call of the disciples because Jesus specifically asks the disciples who they think he is. After reading Mark 1:16-20 and 2:13-14, the reader can wonder why it is that the disciples have followed Jesus for this long. They stopped what they were doing, left their jobs and families all to follow him. Jesus seems to want to clarify their reasoning for following him. He wants to know their motivation. It is interesting to note that it is Peter who calls him the Messiah, while the other disciples did not respond. This can illustrate how Peter seems to be ahead of the other disciples or just more confident
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