Jesus And The Holy Spirit Essay

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1) What does Jesus promise his disciples before he ascends to heaven and what does the fulfillment of that promise look like in Acts 2?
God promised in Genesis that he would send a savior and that was Jesus. Now that Jesus is ascending to heaven he promises a gift to his followers. Jesus told the disciples that the gift that he will leave them with is the holy spirit. This gift would complete the trinity(father, son, holy spirit). The holy spirit is an extension of God and the fulfillment of the promise is seen in Acts 2. Now the disciples did not understand how the holy spirit was a gift but they looked forward to receiving it. They received this gift on Pentecost as they heard a sound from heaven. Something that looked like tongues of fire came down and spread to all the people and they were filled with the holy spirit. They began to speak in any language without knowing it before. Now they could do this because the holy spirit gave them the ability to do so. This is a miracle because it defies nature and science because it is impossible to explain how they started talking fluently in different languages. Also that night Peter preached about God and that all the people repent their sins and ask for forgiveness. This shows that he was filled with the holy spirit because the day before he denied that he knew who Jesus was. The holy spirit had given him the power to spread the truth about God. This shows the fulfillment of the promise because the holy spirit is the next step
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