Jesus And The Mercy Of God

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Biblical Studies Assessment - Christ’s Role in revealing the Mercy of God
The theme for this year, 2016, is the theme of Mercy. Mercy is often portrayed or defined as an act of righteousness expressed by one individual toward another and can be shown or expressed through words and actions of compassion, forgiveness, hospitality etc. The theme of Mercy is known to be significant toward the original audience, also known as the wealthy, educated and good living Gentile Christians. This is a significant theme for the Gentile Christian audience because they were known to have often refused to assist the poor and needy during their time and therefore needed to make changes to that by using the theme of Mercy. The theme of Mercy is also significant toward the modern day audience, or the audience we have today. This is because we live in a time when our societies’ requirements has become more stricken with new laws and rules which has started to prevent us from assisting to those who need an act of Mercy the most. The implications the theme of Mercy has is that the Church today has become more united and diverse compared to the Church in the past (Since there was stronger social prejudice during Jesus’ time), which means that our faith has grown stronger as time passed and has bonded us stronger together as one family. The importance of the theme of Mercy on people’s thoughts, experiences and beliefs is

The theme of Mercy is significant because since it is a trait of which…

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