Jesus And The Personality Theory

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Jesus & The Personality Theory: Exploring the Five Factor Model was written by James Beck in 1999 and entails a biblical perspective of what the five dimensions looked like primarily through the life of Jesus. Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Openness to Experience, and Extraversion are all examined in the book as each section focuses on a brief introduction of a particular personality trait and then keys in a couple of concepts that can arise from said trait. The book gives practical, biblical, and historical examples of how these traits look in life, making it an interesting read for those who are counselors or even preachers. From the beginning of the book, Beck had two main goals to portray to his audience. 1. Jesus is a counseling model for Christian counselors because his teachings speak directly to the five major components of human personality. 2. These teachings are wonderful because they the composition of human personality. Thus by someone reading this book, a person will have a better understand of how Jesus’ personality shaped the way he interacted with people as well as how he or she may use his teachings to get a better understanding of their own personality. The book begins by stating that everyone has distinct personalities and no two people alike. As one could examine the biblical cases of Jacob and Esau or Ruth and Esther, he could see that God created every individually uniquely, thus the five factors for every person will not be the same.…
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