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Jesus cast out demons with His normal ministry of preaching and teaching of the Gospel. Mark chapter one verse twenty-one and following, illustrates Jesus teaching with authority in the synagogue and going about expelling evil spirits throughout Galilee. In conjunction with performing miracles of healing, provisions, governing the powers of nature, and raising the dead, He exercised His authority over demonic spirits. The way in which He dealt with demons was an essential and a striking feature of His ministry. He pooled His casting out of demons with His normal ministry of preaching and teaching in public places of worship. Read Mark 1:21-26 and observe several important points below that occurred:

1. Jesus demonstrated the superiority of His Kingdom over the kingdom of Satan. (Luke 4:43, Matt 12:28, Mark 1:15)
2. The man was a regular member of the synagogue and perhaps he was one of the Scribes or Pharisees in the synagogue. As seen in Matthew 8:16 and Mark 1:39, Jesus delivered the ordinarily religious Jews from demons. During this time period, primarily observant Jews met every Sabbath in the synagogue and spent the rest of the week caring for their families, tending their fields, fishing the sea and minding their shops. These people were mainly “normal,” respectable, religious people. Yet, some were physically sick and/or spiritually oppressed by demonic influences. Yes, Jesus cast may demons out of your ordinary, every-day folks. Today, how…
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