Jesus Book Reflection Paper

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I would say the specific historical event that made John write his book would be the crucifixion of Jesus. I suppose you could say that was the event that caused all of the disciples to write their books. Although John didn’t write his book for a decent amount of time after Jesus’s death, his whole book was dedicated to sharing what he witnessed during his walk with Jesus as well as the story.
The religious circumstance that caused John to write his book was the historical event of Jesus’s death by crucifixion. It was the Jewish religious leaders who had him killed. So I would say that this religious circumstance definitely provoked John to write this book because if it wasn’t for them, here really would be no story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.
All of the disciples would be persecuted for being followers of Jesus. They were being persecuted by Jews, Romans, and any others who thought Jesus was a threat and opposed him. This would also be a religious circumstance because it was so crucial that they tell people about Jesus. John’s main purpose was to tell everyone how Jesus was The Son of God and was our Messiah. Just like John 1:14 says “The word became flesh and dwelt among us” or how in John 1:41 he declares “We have found the Messiah.” He was doing as Jesus said when he told his followers to go and make disciples of men. He knew the truth and wanted to share it with everyone so that they might also experience Jesus’s love just as he did. He was so involved in the
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