Jesus ' Called By Many Names

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Jesus’ Called by Many Names Through time and ages, Jesus has been called by many names. The name Messiah is a translation of the Hebrew term Messiah (jyiv’m) meaning the anointed. This means that Jesus is the anointed one who came to save the world from damnation. The name king refers to Jesus as having dominion over all authority, in the heart. He is the ruler over all Kings, and none can prevent him from accomplishing his purpose. “Which God will bring about in his own time God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords,”(1Tim.5:15 NIV), (Phil 2:7n NIV); Jesus took upon himself the form of a servant, the Servant of God, and his instance of this shows his amazing humility. He who is the “Son of God”, of the same nature with God and equal to him voluntarily becomes the Servant of him. Further, the phrases “Son of God” described Jesus the only begotten of the Father (Luke 1:35, NIV) and in John 1:14 it is used forty-two times to affirm the deity of Christ. The phrase “Son of Man” is used as a contrast to the “Son of God;" this idiom affirms the humanity of Christ 's which exist alongside His divinity. (John 5:27, NIV). The Son of Man is also talked about in the Old Testament, Daniel 's chapter 7: 13-14.
Which image or perspective on Jesus do you most relate to and why? The Son of God appeals to me most because it gave me the understanding that he is the “Son of God” which implies his deity. The Son of Man implies his humanity, (he is a…
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