Jesus Calls His Disciples

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At the beginning of his eye witness account, John introduces Jesus as the Logos. This Greek concept described a being from which all things derived their origin and by which all things are held together. Mindful of his Greek audience, John wants to describe Jesus in terms that they would understand. At the beginning of his public ministry Jesus Calls His Disciples, a bunch of unlikely characters from a variety of backgrounds to partner with him in his ministry. This newly formed group of followers went to Cana after performing the first miracle which is turning Water Into Wine. During this miracle, Jesus was at a wedding and they ran out of wine. So, to show others who He is, He did this sign. After this the Jewish holiday of Passover was coming…show more content…
There was a paralyzed man sitting at the pool. This man thought he could be healed by going into the pool. Jesus saw no one could help him get in so Jesus made him believe he wanted to get well. When he believed, Jesus Healed him at the Pool. This miracle was complete and instantaneous, when Jesus speaks, life happens. There were many people who began giving Testimonies about Jesus after seeing this miracle. These were Himself, God, Scripture, John, and Moses. Jesus made his way to the Sea of Galilee. Many people followed him and Jesus was going to feed them. There were 5,000 people there and 5 barley loaves and 2 fish. This was just the men that was there so there would actually be about 15,000. Jesus turned this bread into a multitude and Fed 5,000 people. Jesus was delivered in the synagogue and declared he was the bread of life. The people were driven by the physical (food), and not by the spiritual. This incident at Capernaum was called the Bread of Life Discourse. He then left and when back to Galilee but this time avoided Judea because they were trying to kill him. The disciples wanted him to go to Judea to show them the works he does, but he told them that anytime is good for them, since they are not hated by the world, but he is hated and his time will come. So instead he goes to the Feast of Tabernacles where people recognize him as both a good man and one who deceives. At…show more content…
Since the disciples were not catching anything that day, Jesus shouted out to them that they should fish on the other side of the boat. Once they did, they caught so many fish that they couldn’t even lift the net onto the boat. After seeing this miracle, Peter immediately recognized that it was Jesus. He then jumped into the water to go to the shore and greet him. Jesus was standing by a fire warming his hands and this was a Reinstatement for Peter of when he denied Jesus 3 times since when the rooster crowed, he was standing by a fire of charcoal, also warming his
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