Jesus Christ And His Legacy

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Jesus christ 's life, was very important in the early A.D. years. Jesus preached about the importance of love between everyone. Without a doubt Jesus Christ was the single most impactful person to ever walk the Earth. This essay will show the life of Jesus and his legacy. It will show miracles, hardships, faith and most importantly love.
Jesus’s life was full of Miracles. It all started at conception in 6 B.C. According to Matthew 1:20, an angel named Gabriel came to his mother Mary and told her that she was to have a son even though she was a virgin. Three wise men traveled all the way to Bethlehem to witness Jesus’s birth and give him presents of Gold, Frankincense, and myrrh. After hearing of his birth, King Herod became angry because he thought Jesus would challenge him for his throne. He ordered that every male child in Bethlehem under the age of two to be slaughtered. An angel came to Jesus’s father Joseph and warned him about this, so they fled to Egypt where Jesus lived until Herod’s death.
Jesus lived a normal childhood. he was taught the traits of being a carpenter by his father Joseph. He did get lost when his family was making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He was found a few days later in a temple discussing important things with Jerusalem elders.That is all we know about his life until age 30.
Jesus’s ministry really started after his baptism in the river Jordan, by John the Baptist. John, before he baptised Jesus told him that he was not worthy After his baptism,…
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