Jesus Christ And The Coming Of The Spirit

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Recognizing the critical consequence of pneumatology as it pertains to biblical studies, Luke’s historical account of the supernatural “coming of the Spirit” as described in Acts, will be analyzed to understand what exactly happened on the day of Pentecost as it relates to the prophesied roles and identity of the Holy Spirit. The international audience that was present on the day of Pentecost certainly performed a strategic and empowering role as newly commissioned messengers in the Great Commission further inspiring the dawning church age. As this newly empowered message of Christ moved throughout Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and other regions of the world the culmination of the Messianic era is effectively realized as the Spirit of God that was revealed in the Old Testament, completed the fulfillment of the Law through Jesus Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit. The thesis of this paper will prove the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost signified for Luke the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies about the arrival of the Day of the LORD, and the beginning, if not the final culmination, of the Messianic Age.
A Biblical Examination of God’s Spirit
In order to appropriately analyze the perspective of Luke’s interpretation of the Day of Pentecost through the lens of God’s gifting of the Spirit, it is critical to keep the frame of research within the supernatural and divine parameters of the triune nature of the Godhead, and Luke’s thought that…
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