Jesus Christ As The King Of His Kingdom

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Matthew wrote about Jesus Christ as the King of his kingdom. Written to Jews before the destruction of the Jerusalem place of worship in A.D. 70, the evangelist uses the various prophets from the Hebrew Old Testament. A key characteristic of Matthew’s Gospel, therefore, is to understand the prophets of the Old Testament to interpret this synoptic gospel.
King Jesus preached about the kingdom of God. The prophet Daniel told his audience that God will set up a new kingdom that will (Daniel 2:44). This kingdom, unfortunately, would bring divine sentence to God’s chosen people. Prophet Daniel also spoke about the coming of the Son of Man. Furthermore, Jesus warns the Jewish religious leaders about the coming wrath with a sword. This sword was the judgment on the Jewish generation. We will examine the contents of the Olivet Discourse during Christ’s earthly ministry. There are two outlooks with evangelical Christians about this discourse. Either Jesus was speaking about the ending of mankind’s history or beginning of a new era in the life of Jews. As a matter of fact, this sermon has been titled “Christ’s Eschatological Discourse” or “Discourse on the Last Things”.
During the Olivet Discourse, Jesus answers the inquiry about the judgment of that generation. He traveled with his disciples to the Mount of Olive across from the mount of the Jerusalem temple. Jesus Christ spoke about the “abomination of desolation”. This present-day event includes the destruction of
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