Jesus Christ From The Old Testament

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The Christian Bible is composed of two testaments that on the surface are seemingly in contrast and with many discontinuities. How these two testaments work together in harmony can be mysterious and difficult for ministers. In the book Preaching Christ from the Old Testament Sidney Greidanus focuses on uniting the New and the Old Testament through Jesus Christ. He says, “Jesus Christ is the link between the Old and the New. God’s revelation reaches its climax in the New Testament – and this climax is not a new teaching or a new law, but a person, God’s own Son.” It is fundamental, especially for Christian ministers to understand both Jesus Christ revealed in the New Testament and in the Old; for one can’t truly know and understand the parts without knowing and understanding the whole, with which the reverse also holds true. This paper will outline Greidanus’ Christological Method, which equips preachers with seven tools to properly, and effectively preach Christ from the Old Testament, for Jesus is both the center of redemptive history, and scripture, and to properly understand and preach its message it must be in light of that center.
The Christocentric Method
The Way of Redemptive-Historical Progression
The method of Redemptive-Historical Progression looks to every text in the Old Testament and sees it within the context of the history of God, keeping in mind both the literary and historical interpretation of the text, and progresses…
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