Jesus Christ Reflection

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but also the word that left a lasting impact. The character of Jesus Christ has always portrayed a spirit of compassion and love for those lost in hurt and pain. Jesus Christ instruction was divine and anointed, as believers the instructions are no different.
The common approach to any unexpected should be prayer because not all of God’s people response the same in crisis. A person losing a love one to death is not same as a love one being in a nursing home, or house fire. Training is important, so that people are not misconstrued in their attempt to rescue people during trying moments. By the way of example, the story of Jesus Christ raising Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus from the dead. The story describes how the Jews were consoling Mary during the supposed death of Lazarus. The people surround Mary and Martha with good intention but not realizing the barriers being built up. Martha, however, received word Jesus was coming and broke the barrier. Martha confess the faith of God and believed healing would arise in Lazarus. Whereas, when Mary came into the presence of Jesus Christ anger overshadowed the response of His coming. Oftentimes, as believers some people in crisis will respond in anger and resistance towards their coming. It is imperative one does not take it personal because at the moment the person is hurting. As believers, it is important to respect where a person of a crisis state of mind is during the moment. The writer of the Book of Romans records, “I
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