Jesus Christ and the Atonement Theories Essay

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It can be said that in God's eyes, Christians are only dirty glasses which are stained inside and out with their own sin. These glasses were once clean, not plagued with stains. Now the glasses bear with them these ugly stains, the stains of sin and wrongdoing. The dirty glasses had to accept their punishment for becoming dirty, and the punishment was being destroyed by a hammer. The hammer is God's instrument against sinners. As the hammer made its decent on the glass, a pan covered the glass and took the blow of the hammer to save the glass. This pan represents Jesus because Jesus sacrificed himself to God so that God would forgive us for our sins. Atonement is the action of putting things right between us and God. This story …show more content…
Jesus as teacher tells us to be good, follow him, and live ethical lives. In this model, Jesus is saving us from our own ignorance because we do not know right from wrong. He wants us to change our uncaring behavior by him educating and inspiring each of us through his teachings and examples of love and knowledge. Jesus is the bridge between us and God that covers ignorance and apathy. By him covering that, we change and learn, we live the ethical lives he wants us to live, and we teach and share with our fellow Christians. Jesus as victor shows us how he frees humanity from evil and death. We as humans are caught in Satan's web of evil and live in fear of death and destruction. The more we are in fear of evil the more hate and violence we are generating towards it, which just adds fuel to the fire and makes it grow even larger. Jesus fights Satan and evil by showing non-violence towards them and pretty much tricked Satan by dying on the cross. Jesus did this through his resurrection, so just when Satan thought he had won; Jesus rose from his tomb and defeated Satan. One could say that Jesus led the jail break out of hell and into heaven bringing with him his believers. Humanity was freed through Jesus' resurrection and could now live without fear of evil. Jesus was once a presence among us, which is also one of the Atonement theories. Jesus comes to earth as a
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