Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

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We may have a pretty good point on who Jesus Christ was, we may ponder on who God is, but we must also balance the work of the Holy Spirit within the Catholic church and its followers. Often we think of Jesus Christ as related to the Father, but I think his life was highly influenced and his actions were all the more possible through the help of the Holy Spirit. Christ's actual birth is marked by the intervention of the Spirit, Christ himself acknowledges the work of the Spirit done through him and the moment of the baptism is introduced by the descending of the Holy Spirit as a pigeon. Other moments in the Bible describe the presence of the Holy Spirit as well, thus making it obvious that it has had a major influence on the work of Jesus Christ.
In the Holy Scripture, the Church is often called the body of Christ: "Now I rejoice in my sufferings for you, for his body, which is the Church", writes the Apostle Paul. The question arises as to how is the body of Christ the Church and the Holy Sacrament at the same time. The answer lies evidently in the methaphorical use of the term "Body of Christ" rather than its literal sense. Catholic religion believes that the sacraments which preserve the appearance of bread and wine are the very Body and Blood of Christ himself.
Therefore, it acknowledges and confesses that Christ is the son of the Living God who came into this world to relieve…
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