Jesus Christ 's Miracles?

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Jesus Christ’s Miracles Jesus Christ has done many miracles and keeps creating miracles for thousands of people. He has healed the sick, blind, lame, and deaf. He has healed our souls when we were stuck in a depressing or stressful state of life. People still today are healed by Jesus’s touch. People today are still saved when they follow Christ. We all become enlightened when we read His words. He is not only the leader of Christianity He is also the Creator. He is the incarnation of God. However, many people are skeptical of the existence of God and Jesus Christ. They either believe He is not real or He is not capable of doing these miraculous things. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe that those who do not believe in Christ have been lead or are leading themselves down the wrong path. These people are skeptical because few good things have happened in their life. I believe that they are not skeptical they are just either blinded or they blame God for their life tragedies. Although there are many skeptics to the existence of Jesus Christ, Christ still saved many people and people still today follow His teachings and are saved every day. Jesus Christ was born between the years 4-6 B.C. to the Virgin Mary. It is said that He was born in a stable in the city of Bethlehem. Jesus was conceived through spiritual conception. There is not a lot of information on Jesus’ early life, however there is still some. When Jesus was young an angel warned His stepfather…
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