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After Jesus sets the example for all Christians by being baptized by John the Baptist, he is led by the Holy Spirit to the wilderness to have his faith tested. Jesus is tempted three times by Satan. Temptation is defined as the desire to do something. However in most cases, the temptation is a bad or an unwise decision. Satan tempts Jesus by asking him to transform some nearby stones into bread. Jesus refuses. During the second temptation, Satan takes Jesus to the top of the temple, and asks Him to jump off ,quoting that angels will come to His aid. Jesus, again, refuses. In the last temptation, Satan offers all the kingdoms of the Earth to Jesus in exchange for Jesus to worship Satan.
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Jesus’s temptations are located in the gospel of Matthew. This book was
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This use of the verb “transform” is a way for Satan to manipulate Jesus into attributing his power to something other than God. The ability to demonstrate power over nature is characteristic of magicians, but Jesus was not a magician. Jesus’ counter argument is that the word of God is the ultimate sustenance.
In the second temptation, Satan takes Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple, and asks Him to leap off the temple. He then uses scripture out of context in order to “value its wording over its meaning” , quoting that angels will lift him up before striking the ground. The scriptural language used makes the temptation more attractive. This makes us believe it’s alright to give into temptation if the scripture can be manipulated in favor of the temptation.
Once Jesus refuses the second temptation, he responds to Satan by saying, “’It is also written: Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’” This response from Jesus reveals to us that God is not here to serve us. Rather, our relationship with God should be that we serve Him and follow His plan for
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