Jesus Creed "Response Paper"

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Jeff Knight 11/26/2012

“Jesus Creed” Response Paper

The Jesus Creed has really helped me to look at Scripture from what I believe is a more biblical and Jesus centered perspective. While I have read the words Jesus used from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Leviticus 19:18 many times in Scripture, I never considered how all His teachings might have stemmed from them. I did not know Jesus had amended the Shema of Judaism because I didn’t know there was a Shema before reading this book, but now knowing this I can more clearly see what Jesus was doing. He was correcting a misunderstanding how some used and understood the Torah. Most paid excellent attention to the letter of the Law;
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Just as the Kaddish speaks of God’s name being magnified, sanctified and that His kingdom would be established soon; The Kaddish of Jesus (Lord’s Prayer) does likewise. The difference is that Jesus changes how we approach God (as Abba), that we should love others as well and petition for others too. So we see that the Lord’s Prayer is really made up of Love-of-God petitions and Love-of-others petitions, which we see stems from Jesus’ Shema. Simply put, the Lord’s Prayer is Jesus teaching us to pray the Shema, He radically altered both by redefining love of God and by adding love of others. I never knew much if anything about Judaism’s Shema or Kaddish however, now that I do it has made a world of difference in how I view the Gospels, especially many of the parables within them. I certainly now why most Torah observant Jews wanted to get Jesus out of the picture as fast as possible, He changed everything. Who was this illegitimate child, as most considered Him, to be changing such things and making Himself out to be God? These bits of information are extremely valuable and have helped me to really have a better feel for just how radical a shift Jesus was presenting to those of His day, something we just don’t see too clearly today. As I mentioned prior, Jesus taught that we should approach God as Abba. It’s
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