Jesus Depicted throughout Time

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Did he look different from everyone else? No one truly knows what the savior looks like because there is nothing in the bible that gives a description of Jesus. But throughout the centuries people have created images of what the Son of God through the eyes of the people of their time in order to keep the faith and to educate and reflect how things were. The Roman Christian Art also known as byzantine Art marks the beginning of religious art and the image of Jesus. Which emerged after Christianity become the dominate religion in Rome around the 2nd century. One the oldest images of Christ comes from the mid-3rd century, it is young Jesus as the Good Shepherd from the Catacombs of San Callisto. In this fresco Jesus is portrayed as a young shepherd holding a sheep on his shoulders. A shepherd guides and direct his sheep. This has a symbolic meaning, in the bible (John 10:1-21; Luke 15:1-7 and 11-32). Jesus represented as the good Shepard and we are his sheep. It also states that as the shepherd he will look for the lost sheep (sinners) and rejoice when it is found. The painting explains how Jesus will help protect and guide you in the right direction. This was a way of telling passages of the bible to the people who were illiterate. Later on as we enter the early Middle Ages (5th-10th century) the image of Jesus begins to be depicted in portrait. Christ panacrator is one…
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