Jesus’ Ethical Teachings Essay

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Society is a living organism. Just like the immune system, the army and police provide protection against invaders and criminal elements. Just like the digestive system, industrial plants draw out energy from raw materials. Just like our veins and arteries, roads, waterways and railways transport these products around our bodies, and just like the colon and bladder, waste products are collected by garbage dumps and sewage systems.
However, on top of all these vital organs lie our bones, which frame our bodies and enable us to move forward correctly. And like Jesus, the importance of our bones is often forgotten.
Jesus is the model of 21st century Christian life by providing a frame that enables society to move forward in a morally
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However, what happens to all the people who have moved beyond the initial entry of the wide gate?
You then turn and inspect the other gate. It is half the size of the first gate. There are no billboards advertising every whim of society nor does it house hordes of people. It just simply stands open.
There are people standing behind this gate, who too wear the expression of happiness. However, instead of bargaining and panhandling goods, they are leaning close to each other, sharing each other’s burdens. Engraved on the front of the gate is the word LIFE.

You later find out that the first gate promises artificial happiness through power and wealth, which in the end results in emptiness. This meaningless and destructive form of life does not lead to God but enables humanity to be their own God. Unfortunately it is the gate that most of society chooses. The second gate does not promise power, wealth or happiness but simply it promises life.
Jesus said, "I am the gate -- the small gate." He said that no one could find life except by traveling through Him. Through this gate, one is able to find truth.

This form of ethical teaching can be injected in to the veins of society, to draw out poisonous issues such as abortion. There are many women in the 21st century who choose to walk through the wider gate, which is aborting their baby, as they believe it is the easier option. However, as I mentioned earlier, Jesus states that walking
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