Jesus Gender Roles

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Women make up a very central part in the mission and of the message of Jesus as examples of model disciples. Sometimes these examples are more general and macroscopic, but other times they are more specific and very essential at depicting the relationship between Jesus and women in the Gospels, as well as in Paul’s letters of the New Testament. Generally, women are seen more as followers of Jesus’ teaching about the kingdom and discipleship which helps strengthen the relationship that they share together. They tend to follow Him as part of the general multitudes and receive His teaching. Specifically, women especially have faith in His ability to perform miracles. They also exhibit a great deal of sacrifice in being willing to give up all of…show more content…
While many thought about, and ultimately considered it inappropriate to involve women in intellectual instruction, Jesus actually teaches women on a more personal level. He assumes that women are equally capable of learning and understanding the theological truths as his men disciples are, and believed that women were able to engage in various theological discussion. Jesus was willing to risk public scandal in order to instruct women and show that women are very important figures in the Gospel. John further affirms that women are in their intellectual capacity, as he tends to present them as valid witnesses of the truth about Jesus. It is further through the witness of the Samaritan woman that the people of Sychar are introduced to Jesus. Furthermore, it is Mary Magdalene who is then entrusted with the truth of Jesus’ resurrection and commanded by the risen Jesus to be a witness of that truth to the disciples.
More importantly, women in the fourth Gospel are presented in a more positively, and in intimate relations with Jesus. Women in Mark and John are ultimately portrayed as understanding the teaching of Jesus and responding both enthusiastically and appropriately to the situation. They are women who are not necessarily afraid to take initiative in their relationship with Jesus, and Jesus values them as close friends and chooses them to be witnesses to the truth of his resurrection,
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Paul was known for the spread of the Christian message across the Mediterranean during the first century CE. His letters tended to give valuable insight into the lives of the earliest Christians including the values and concerns in relation to their religious beliefs and daily life. Paul’s attitude towards women in the church had quite a profound impact upon the communities in which he established, and thus upon the early Christian movement as a whole. He took more of an inclusive attitude toward women, which was quite extraordinary for his time. This quite rare inclusive attitude Paul had was however not prevalent and maintained until in the later Christian churches. It was not until the Deutero-Pauline letters where the shift started to emanate. Allowing women to hold such prominent leadership roles within the church carried crucial social implications that ultimately influenced the culture, where it was predominantly a male society that was rooted in patriarchal values and ways to life. Without this forward push from Paul to support the inclusion of women, the earlier Christian movement would’ve fallen back on “traditional”
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