Jesus, God, And God

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Jesus was a human being who has a gift which made him different from other human beings: he was God 's son. He was all man because he had a growth, development and limitations as a normal human. But he was also every god. In the Bible certain details and evidence for this claim is. Throughout his life he never sinned, forgive sins and God did. In addition, he called himself "I am" like God because Jesus, God the Son, and God the Father are one. Moreover, Jesus shows the union of God with humanity. He had three purposes; be the prophet who spoke the word of God to the people, being the high priest because the people were allowed closer to God, and finally, to be king, as the representative of God to have dominion over his sheep. In addition, Jesus gave us several lessons in parables. In the Gospel of John, who was one of his disciples, says one of the teachings that Jesus appeared before his disciples. Jesus washed the feet of each of them, which was the most demeaning job at that time, to show them the love he had for them and there was no difference in power between him and them (John 13: 13-34). In the Bible, you can appreciate the teachings of Jesus to the flock of God, but his greatest lesson was to love others. All these acts and acted mention Jesus took him to a cruel death in which the Romans were part of this terrible torture procedure. On the other hand, Jesus creates a very important role in the Christian faith. His teachings, actions and identity show God 's love…

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