Jesus Is It Our Faith?

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When it comes to the crucifixion of Jesus, there are many different arguments that appeal to specific peoples’ beliefs or arguments as to what makes the most sense. What really is the determining factor though when we are deciding how we portray Jesus’ death? Is it our faith? Is it what logically makes the most sense to us? Is it what we are taught growing up by our parents or Sunday school? Could it possibly a mixture of all of those factors? Either way, we all have different beliefs and ideas when it comes to His death. One of the most popular arguments for Jesus’ crucifixion is that the reason he died was purely in place of us due to our sins; he was the ultimate sacrifice. In this paper, I will argue from a logical standpoint that not only does this theory not make sense, but Jesus’ life and choices were related to his crucifixion as well. The most logical circumstance is that, instead, Jesus died as a ransom.
First, I will consider Jesus’ life on earth before his crucifixion. It is commonly believed that Jesus’ main mission on earth was to bring peace and connection among men. In fact, he is often referred to as the “Prince of Peace” or the “Lord of Peace” when being talked about by religious people or his followers. While this is nice to think about, when you dive deeper into the facts of Jesus’ life, you’ll find that he was nowhere near peaceful. He was actually just the opposite, causing further division and tension. He came to the people with the mindset of “either…
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