Jesus Is Jesus The Only Savior?

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Many today struggle with the Christian teaching that the only way to salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. There are a variety of alternatives offered, notably pluralism and inclusivism. In the second half of his book Is Jesus the Only Savior? Dr. Ronald Nash addresses the teaching of inclusivism, comparing its claims with the claims of orthodox Christianity and evaluating the merits of those claims. It is the purpose of this analysis to evaluate his rebuttal of inclusivism as presented in chapters 7-11 of Is Jesus the Only Savior?.
Dr. Nash approaches this discussion with a masterful command of the subject. He earned a PhD in Philosophy at Syracuse University, going on to serve as a professor for over forty years. According to the biographical information given on the back cover of our text, he “served twenty-seven years as professor of philosophy and department chairperson at Western Kentucky University” and has authored or edited “more than twenty-five books.” In addition, Dr. Nash was professor of philosophy at both Reformed Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His wide-ranging scholarship addresses topics such as faith and reason, liberation theology, social justice, and St. Augustine’s theory of knowledge. This background enables Dr. Nash to engage in this issue with both philosophical clarity and historical perspective. While Dr. Nash does not claim to be a New Testament scholar, he demonstrates a clear familiarity with the…
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