Jesus Is The Cornerstone Of Christianity

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What Jesus did in His suffering, death, and resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity. Without it there is no good news or the Gospel. Jesus fulfilled the requirement for reconciliation back to God through His obedience. This reconciliation includes healing and salvation for spirit, soul, and body. However, the church embraces the salvation part but struggles with the physical healing. Without understanding the full Gospel, “Christian traditions will forever struggle to understand why all healing is divine and is with us today.” (p. 118) Healing and Our Heritage Jim Lynn refers to the creation and nature to show how healing is a natural event ordered by God for the continuation of this world and its inhabitants. “This healing process and all of creation, is summed up in the person of Jesus Christ” as recorded in Colossians 1:15-20 (p. 120). Jesus is Self-Existent and Eternal The Jews in the days of Jesus believed He was a prophet of God, but they had a hard time believing He was God. Jim Lynn uses Scripture to show that God showed Himself to Moses as the “I AM.” Jesus confronted the Pharisees as the “I AM.” Paul showed that Jesus is God in the flesh (Col. 2:9). John recorded in chapter 1, verses 1-14 that He was with God in the beginning and became a human being. God in the Flesh Who is God? No man has ever seen God until Jesus came. Jesus said that if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father. The Jews knew God as a vengeful God, delivering judgement to them, but
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