Jesus Miracle

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Jesus performed many miracles during his three year ministry. Many of the miracles are told by the disciples, describing how Jesus was able to bring forth the power of God. Jesus’ first miracle provides a deeper message into the community of faith. This paper will take a deeper look into the miracle according to John; of turning water into wine as well explain the significance of the miracle then and now. In John 2:1-11, Jesus is at a wedding with his mother, brothers, and disciples on the third day. During the festivities, all of the wine is drunk. Jesus’ mother brings this issue to his attention. He states this shouldn’t be a concern of his or hers and that his time has not yet come. Mary, tells the servants to do as Jesus tells…show more content…
He is searching for a rational explanation whereas the disciples allow this miracle to shatter past the previously known boundaries of their faith (O'DAY). The goodness of the wine is a fulfillment to the Old Testament; God’s promised salvation (Moody). The wine is a symbol of the salvation to come; the gifts Jesus provided. Wine is also a significant piece to the Eucharist or Communion. The transformation has given a sign to welcome the arrival of God. Jesus was able to keep the celebration from ending by transforming water into wine. He is able to take something that is old and bring a new gift of wine. His miraculous power shows the salvation that he brought to God’s people. Jesus is freeing the faith community to receive the gifts of God (O'DAY). The miracle provides the disciples and witnesses a self-revelation and is a window into what is still to come; the beginnings of a heavenly feast for all of God’s people (Wright, 2002). Jesus knew that a celebration such as a wedding with the presence of his mother, brother, and disciples would be the perfect time to perform his first miracle. I also feel that since the wine had depleted, it leads you to believe that many may not be completely sober (Moody). This would allow Jesus to perform a miracle that narrowed the crowd to mainly the disciples, his mother, and the servants. It also leads you to believe that this may not have been the first miracle Jesus performed, perhaps Mary already
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