Jesus & Muhammad Paper

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Jesus & Muhammad Paper
Few men have impacted the world in the way that Jesus and Muhammad have. They are the two prominent names in Christianity and Islam. These men were born in separate times. However, they served very similar purposes during their lives. Together, they have influenced the lives of more people in the last two thousand years than any others. Both are considered the main pillars of their respective religions and are highly regarded figures amongst their followers. Jesus was responsible for the promotion of Christianity, while Muhammad helped to spread the
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Nothing more is known of Jesus after his birth until he was about twelve years old. It is said he traveled with his parents on their yearly trip to Jerusalem for Passover. He became separated from his parents and they later found him in the Temple discussing the Torah with the Rabbis. He had a vast knowledge of the Jewish tradition and a close personal connection with God, even at twelve years of age. Again there is a period of Jesus’ life, from age twelve to about thirty, when nothing is known of him. He next appears in the bible at the Jordan River where John the Baptist was conducting baptisms to prepare people for the Kingdom of God. John was said to be asking people to repent of their sins and be sanctified and spiritually purified by immersion in the river. Jesus is said to have stood before John and asked that the he also be baptized. John did not want to baptize him, he was after all God’s son and had no sins, but Jesus insisted. When Jesus rose from the water, the heavens are said to have opened and a Spirit descended upon him like a dove, and a voice was heard to say “thou art my beloved Son; with thee I am well pleased”. (Fisher, 2005, p. 290) There are a few different theories as to
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