Jesus Shuttlesworth Character Analysis

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Assignment I: Strengths-Based Assessment
Character Identification Background Information: Jesus Shuttlesworth is an 18-year-old African American male. He has just recently enrolled in Big Ten University as a freshman on a full scholarship for academics and basketball. Jesus has been struggling with his faith since his mother was murdered, but he is still a Christian at this point. Just before entering college Jesus broke off his relationship with his long term girlfriend.
From the time of Jesus’s mother’s death until the middle of his high school years, Jesus and his sister were being raised by his Aunt Sally and Uncle Bubba in Coney Island, NY. Jesus moved he and his sister out of their relatives’ home and into their own apartment due
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When looking at the family as a community, Jesus family system is fractured but resilient. His father is incarcerated, and his mother has passed away. His aunt and uncle played an important role in raising him from that time. But, his parents were able to equip Jesus with the tools he would need to raise Mary and secure his future success. His uncle seems to hold some resentment towards having to raise Jesus and his sister. He took a car offered to him by someone who was trying to bribe Jesus. That decision by his uncle could have hurt Jesus’s chances of receiving a college scholarship. His cousin serves as a moral compass in his life at times and helps him stay focused on his goals. His aunt serves as a guide also. She reminds Jesus of his mother’s wishes and dreamers for his life. She is not caught up in the attainment of wealth that her husband has expressed. She wants to do right by her…show more content…
He has acquired academic skills and basketball skills that will enable him to excel in both areas. Jesus has the fortitude and determination to succeed. Jesus has already demonstrated that he has the necessary skills to be successful so the strengths-based approach to motivational interviewing would be an effective tool to use to keep Jesus on track with basketball and his academics. This would create the conversational type of engagement that clients tend to appreciate according to Kisthardt (2006). Another goal that he is working on is getting himself and his sister out of the ghetto and finding a suitable living environment. He has already begun this process by enrolling at Big Ten University and bringing Mary with him. Mary continues to be a motivating factor in his drive for achievement. She is helping him to stay focused. Jesus may face some difficulties with balancing his new roles since entering college. Kisthardt (2006) suggest that clients should be assisted in solving the problems that are important to them and not what the worker feels is important. Problem solving therapy could help him to maintain balance in his roles in college by allowing him to identify and define the problems he is having within his new roles and guiding him to develop solutions that will be acceptable from his

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