Jesus The Author Of The Old And The New

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Garcia1 Brianna Garcia Dr. John Spurling The Life of Jesus 16 November 2015 Jesus the Author of the Old and the New Most assuredly, Jesus was not only the author of salvation but also the author of history, mankind and creation alike. Many people see two different God?s of the bible, the Old Testament God that enveloped justice and judgment of sin and the New Testament God that embodied mercy, truth and grace. What many don?t realize is that both the New Testament and Old Testament God are one in the same. The Jesus of the New Testament is the God of the Old Testament1. There are five ways in which the Old Testament testifies of Jesus which are revealed in the New Testament. Five themes from the Old Testament that are revealed in the…show more content…
This is a picture of the way in which God the father and Jesus worked together through the power of the spirit. All three are in unison with each other, God the father being the source, Jesus being the spoken Word or Manifestation and the Holy Spirit being the power. Essentially, Jesus is the spokesperson for the God family. Going back to the Old Testament, any time God ?Spoke? it was in fact ?the Word? whom was speaking the will of the Father. In first John 1:18 Jesus says ?No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the father, He has declared Him.? (nkjv). Here Jesus is stating that He has been the one who has declared the father, Jesus is affirming Himself as the Word or declaration of God the Father. In an article written by Erik Jones he states that ?He (Jesus) has always been responsible for communication the will of the Father to human beings ? during Old Testament and New Testament times. When Gods voice or revelation was given, it was through the Word- who became Jesus Christ-or an angel. The father has never spoken directly with Human beings3?. What this means is that anytime God the Father wanted to accomplish something He ?Spoke? it into being, and anytime there was and exchange from the Father to creation or vice versa it all went through His Word, or in other words, through Jesus. It has been said before that if someone wants to know God that person must read His Word, or know His Word. Well if Jesus is
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