Jesus The Christ And Gautama The Buddha

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Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha
In this paper, I want to compare and contrast Buddha and Christ, the two personalities that have significantly influenced human history: one of the eastern hemisphere and the other the western hemisphere of earth. Both Buddha and the Christ have millions of followers. Not only are their teachings of huge interest separately, but also is there growing interest in how they relate to each other.
In Christianity, there is an all-loving, all-power God. He designed a world of harmony. In the state of innocence, man did not have to suffer or die. God did not design man to be in a condition of suffering or death. But man sinned, disrupting the harmony and entering into a fallen world. Jesus taught that suffering was cause by sin, by separating from the love of God, by disconnecting through negative thoughts, actions and emotions that take us away from God. Christians believe that suffering can only be ended by coming into a right relationship with God, and this can only be done through Jesus the Christ. Suffering ceases because it is faced with God’s strength and comfort, and it can only end ultimately after-life in Heaven.
Buddha taught us in his first Noble Truth that our lives are full of suffering. The suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death is unavoidable. It does not undermine the fact that lives are filled with times of joy and happiness, only that such times do not last permanently. The root problem, the source of our…
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