Jesus : The God Of God

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MESSIAHSHIP OF JESUS There have been many ways in which people have called Jesus: a prophet, a priest, an impostor, a holy man, a master, a philosopher, The Christ, the Son of God, etc. but the true meaning behind His name will only be determined by the faith and revelation. Scholars on this subject have tried to search the truth among the Scriptures, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other canonic books. One thing that it is found in common is the coming of a messiah, a chosen man by God who will change the world. When God created humankind, He placed in the Eden, His primeval messiah, and he was appointed to represent Him on earth, but Adam failed to God and made the human race guilty of all sins against its Creator. God in His mercy heart…show more content…
Moreover, the Messiah who would come would also be a “prophet” (Deut 18:15) as well as a “king” (Ps 72). Regarding Jesus being the Messiah, His path on earth is the proof to discuss and His work throughout His life will confirm His true identity. Jesus’ birth was prophesied; a young girl will give birth to God’s own son and he will be called Emmanuel (Isa 7:14), this child was conceived by the power of God’s spirit and He will be holy. As the life of Jesus begins, so the struggle, and when He started his ministry all prophecies began to fit accordingly to the Scriptures and this is what gives an exegetical work in the Christian story. Not all the Scriptures use the words masiah or the verb form masah when referring to Jesus that is why all studies are to be extended far beyond the meaning of those words, an especially when it is applied to Jesus in the New Testament, for that reason, scholars have adopted a broad understanding of the messianic waiting so that virtually any expectation about Jesus in the Old testament will necessitate further study. As an example of the controversy that the messianic quest for the truth awakes, it is illustrated in the bible different ways and manners which proved Jesus identity as the Son God, the Messiah and the One, although every time a revelation was given, a situation of
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