Jesus Through The Centuries By Jaroslav Pelikan

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One of the many things that puzzle people even today; is how Jesus was portrayed and how he became a part of history throughout the centuries. Fortunately, within the book Jesus Through the Centuries, written by Jaroslav Pelikan, readers are able to get a sense of what societies viewed Jesus as and how he was/is important to many aspects of the world such as; the political, social, and cultural impact he had left. As Pelikan discusses this very topic and theme in his book, we see how there’s a connection between his audience in this book and Jesus’s are closely similar. When he got his motivation to write about Jesus through the Centuries, Jaroslav had an open audience, which was intended for anyone of all ages, races, and beliefs to read this book showing that anyone could know about Jesus. This is similar to the introduction of this book when it is discussed that Jesus welcomed anyone to believe in him and despite your past you too could believe in Jesus and how he came to be.
As I read this book; I thought that I would’ve really enjoyed what I read because I find it interesting how people’s beliefs can differ from each other when it comes to this topic about Jesus throughout the centuries that Jaroslav Pelikan showed his readers. Although, I found that it would’ve appealed to me more if It had been easier to understand for someone my age, as I had realized that some parts seemed harder to follow than others. Just as well, while reading this book I was able to observe that…
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