Jesus Through The Centuries By Jaroslav Pelikan

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One of the many things that puzzle people even today; is how Jesus was portrayed and how he became a part of history throughout the centuries. Fortunately, within the book Jesus Through the Centuries, written by Jaroslav Pelikan, readers are able to get a sense of what societies viewed Jesus as and how he was/is important to many aspects of the world such as; the political, social, and cultural impact he had left. As Pelikan discusses this very topic and theme in his book, we see how there’s a connection between his audience in this book and Jesus’s are closely similar. When he got his motivation to write about Jesus through the Centuries, Jaroslav had an open audience, which was intended for anyone of all ages, races, and beliefs to read…show more content…
Personally, even though I already had some knowledge about this topic ahead of time, I don’t really care for books like this because I like to be able to go into reading a book without having to be aware of some background on the topic first. In most of the chapters, I enjoyed how there were pictures to match the description of how people imaged Jesus in their century, but I think that It would’ve helped to have more pictures for each chapter to be able to have a clearer sense of what the writer was talking about. Nevertheless, I would applaud this book with more of its pros than cons. The book gave me an understanding and was able to challenge my view on Jesus, as I am a Christian. The author did a great job with showing the audience how Jesus had been connected and differentiated in ways through time. An example of this being Jesus is seen as the Rabbi and Jesus being known as The Logos. The way Jaroslav put this book together from the early centuries to the late centuries lets the reader have their own view and perspective on what to believe in. This book is good in making sure that it is not one-sided and being careful to not make it seem like we as the reader have to fully see things the way people in these centuries did, but instead, keep an open mind and learn
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