Jesus Was Truly the Son of God

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Jesus was truly the Son of God. " Lord if you wish, you can make me Clean.” Jesus stretched out his hands touching the leper and said "I will do it, Be made clean.” ("Matthew 8:10-8." The Bible.) The leper went to show all that he was not sick anymore. This is only one of the true miracles Jesus Performed while on this earth. Jesus preached the word of his father through love healing , and example. The people of Israeli marveled as they heard his words. He showed how kindness toward all men is the way of to the Father. Instead of hatred; rule with love. Instead of praising money and fortune, praise the father for your gifts. By doing this the people learned how the holy father wanted us to live in his name. Jesus taught not to use words but action in your daily life. He assembled men who would walk with him many days to many places to preach the word for his father. “Jesus taught blessed are the poor in spirit” ("Matthew 5:3-11." The Bible.) ;never to lose hope for Gods kingdom was the eternal prize. No mortal man could ever suffer, and forgive like Jesus did and The miracles he displayed while on this earth proves that Jesus truly was the son of

Jesus called upon Peter to build his church and preach the father words.
Each apostles witnessed Jesus miracles. Through Jesus, the apostle had authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal the sick. ("Matthew 10.1." The Bible). Jesus went to Peters home and saw His mother was ill, Jesus touched her head and cured her of
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