Jesus and Aristotle Dialogue

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In the corner of his eye, he sees Jesus on the Acropolis. Jesus is watching over Athens with olive branches in his long brown hair. Aristotle is startled by the Jesus's presence.

Jesus: Hello Aristotle!
Aristotle: Oh my Zeus! I didn't see you there, Jesus. Welcome to Athens; the most incredible city that has ever been constructed.
Jesus: Thank you very much for your kindness and hospitality.
Aristotle: The pleasure is mine. What brings you here today?
Jesus: I would like to understand your views on the belief of another reality and the values of an ideal society and leader.
Aristotle: In regards to the existence of ideal forms, there is nothing. It is necessary to understand the workings of the human mind and reason before believing that there is another world. (Loomis, xvii Intro)
Jesus: That is pure ignorance, Aristotle. The ultimate reality lays in the hands of The Lord, my Father. He has full and absolute power. You cannot see Heaven or Hell, but both of those places are entirely real. After you die, you will understand. (Houlden, 8)
Aristotle: Jesus, there are limits. I believe that the eye is made blue by the sky. Many things that occur in the Bible are mythical. It is impossible to create a universe in six days. It is also impossible for a man to split an entire sea. We must understand human behavior before coming to conclusions. Our…
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