Jesus and Mohammed Paper

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Jesus & Mohammed Paper Debra A. Moore HUM 130 May 27, 2012 Eric Hammen Jesus & Mohammed Paper Christianity and Islam are two religions that are monotheistic, meaning they believe in only one God. Christianity believes in Jesus, while Judaism believes in Mohammed. While the two religions are monotheistic, it does not mean they believe in the same beliefs nor have the same beliefs about their Gods. While Christianity believes Jesus to be the son of God, Islam believes in Mohammed; a young orphan, whose parents died when he was six (father) and nine (mother) (Smith, 2004). Both religions have deep roots based upon their God, which helps to found their beliefs, but where are the two religions the same and where go they vary?…show more content…
All four Gospels describe Jesus in his final week in Jerusalem. During which Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, confronted moneychangers and merchants in the temple, and debated with the high priests who questioned Jesus’ authority. He told his disciples about the coming days and that Jerusalem’s temple would be destroyed. Meanwhile, the chief priests and elders met with high priest Caiaphas, and set plans in motion to arrest Jesus. One of Jesus’ disciples’ betrayed him to the Pharisees for 30 pieces of silver. Jesus took his disciples to pray with him, but they kept falling asleep. Soldiers and officials appeared, and Judas (who betrayed Jesus) was with them. He gave Jesus a kiss on the cheek to help the Pharisee’s know who he was and the soldiers arrested Jesus. One disciple tried to resist the arrest, drew his sword and cutting off an ear of a soldier. Jesus was then interrogated by the high priest, hit and spat upon for not answering. Jesus was mocked, condemned, and beat up in a high court because he stated he was the son of God. Pilate washed his hands of the responsibility of what happened to Jesus, but ordered him to be executed. Jesus hung on a cross for three days, died, was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. With his dying on the cross he took the sin of the world. Mohammed was born at “Mecca
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