Jesus and Moses

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According to the book of Matthew, “Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king,” indicating he was born between 6 and 4 BCE (Matthew 2:1). The Bible refers to this as the virgin birth because Joseph and Mary never conceived him. He was a human being in which God took his form. Very little is known about his childhood and the Bible only reveals a picture of Jesus and his teachings when he was approximately 30 years of age. Whatever happened to Jesus during these years is a mystery to us all, but whatever happened transformed him into the divine being which he is today.
Jesus was raised under Judaism and sternly believed in the practices and Jewish customs. In Luke 2:41-52, Luke reveals that Jesus went missing
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The third temptation reveals man’s desire for power. In all three, Jesus relied on God, as should his followers for strength and direction. It is only after this that Jesus uses his true God given powers to help and convert people.
Jesus began to travel throughout the lands amassing a trusted circle of 13 apostles, the original true believers in Jesus as the prophet, to spread the word of God. Jesus himself would be the center piece. His ability to cure the blind and heal the sick created a surreal aurora about him that interested everybody. My favorite stories occur in Matthew 14 when Jesus feeds 5000 people with one loaf of bread and one jug of wine. The turning point in Jesus life occurred during this time too when he walked on water. He did not do this to persuade others or convince them of his god given powers. He did this for his apostles and his apostles only. He wanted to show them true faith and belief in God and the power it held. Peter was able to take a few steps towards Jesus, but when he became fearful and lost his faith, he quickly sank. Jesus responded by telling him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt” (Matthew 14:31). This moment marks a turning point in the Bible. From here on, the political workings that would lead to his crucifixion had begun and Jesus knew he was running out of time.
The greatest moment in Jesus’ life is the Transfiguration of Jesus where Peter discovers first hand Jesus is the true son

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