Jesus is a True Hero Essay

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Over one third of the world's population call themselves Christians, or those who follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus presence in the souls of humanity is everywhere. Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection, is still a day of rest and worship. The calendar still uses the year of his birth as a starting point, with A.D being after death and B.C being before the death of Christ. There are also major Christian holidays that are celebrated by millions each year, Christmas, the day of Christ’s birth, and Easter, the day of Christ’s resurrection. The life of Jesus is told in the new testament of the bible, which is still one of the best selling books of all time and has been translated in 2,000 different languages. The life and the lessons of …show more content…
It came from the commoners, much like him, those who had rough times and were seen as scum to richer elites. He was able to appeal to them because he was the same. He was trained to be a carpenter, not a high priced theologian. He wore clothes made from cheap materials, not expensive silks or cloths. He is an example of the freedom by which we should live our lives, and the heroic spirit in which anything is possible, no matter what your background or environment. His life was one of caring and helping people so that the he could change the world for the better. The way he lived his life was the main idea for his teachings, love one and other.

When Jesus was thirty he started a ministry known as Christianity, which today has grown into the world’s largest religion. Although there are many different branches of Christianity they all follow the original teachings of Jesus. His main teachings were about love and faith, he taught faith to people who stop believing in god. Jesus had supernatural powers, he was able to perform miracles and control his surrounding. At the height of his ministry thousands of people would come to see Jesus. He taught lessons of faith using parables, which are short stories that teach people lessons of god. Jesus also prophesied that he was the Son of God and the ultimate path of salvation. "I am the way, the truth, and the life," said Jesus, "no one comes to the

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