Jesus 's Life And Life

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You may have heard of my brother, Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth. At this point, you may be thinking that this is James, or Judas, but this is not. I am sure that you have at least heard of my name, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ one and only sister. Jesus was the first born of us siblings, but he was given to my parents, Mary and Joseph, by God to be the Messiah. The rest of us have always tried to impress our mother and father growing up, but I guess Jesus does have a reason for being the favorite child. I was the second born named after my mother, born a year and a half after Jesus, and then the rest of my brothers came four years after me, year after year. This made Jesus and I really close. Our brothers were so young, we could not communicate with them, nor did we really want to until they got older.
We were best friends and some people even thought we were lovers because of how close we were, but that is just a rumor Peter started. Peter and I do not get along anymore. We once had a secret young love for one another and it got to the point where he wanted to meet my family. At that time I was only fifteen and I did not want my family to think I was ready for commitment. I was in no shape or form ready for marriage! No matter what problem or question I had, Jesus knew the answer to it. It is like he somehow knew everything, which I now know why. I had to get Jesus’ opinion. He told me that if I really loved Peter, I should marry him. But if I just loved the excitement and…

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