Jesus 's Return And The Time Of Revelation

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We are of course waiting for Jesus’s return, or the time of revelation. The study of Jesus’s coming, and the other last things, heaven, hell, judgement, etc., is called eschatology. Eschatology starts with some tensions, just as many theological topics and studies do. These tensions do not come from different doctrinal parties differing in opinion though, they come from the very nature of revelation it self. It all stems from the phrases already and not-yet. Already covers what has already happened in the present tense regarding the life of Jesus, and continues to the very moment we are alive. This contrasts with the not-yet phrase because not-yet looks much further into the future. It looks at the reality of the coming kingdom of God, and its power. We are able to find our beliefs in the middle of these two realities. It is here where we continue the works of Jesus while waiting for the coming of the kingdom. Now is where we spread the word of God for the future revelation. So by working now for what will come in the future defines our doctrines and who we are as Christians in our day to day lives. After speaking of Jesus it is logical to discuss the Holy Spirit after, given that the Holy Spirit is sent by Jesus the Son of God. The Holy Spirit is as I just said, sent by the Son, and proceeds from the Father God. Given these two facts the Holy Spirit is not to be lessened to a mere attribute of the Father and Son. Along with being likened to being a part of…
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