Essay about Jesus the Christ: The Historical Jesus

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The Birth of Jesus

We can see the birth of Jesus in Matthew (Matt 1:18-25) (Matt 2:1-12), Luke (Luke 2:1-2) and John (John1:1-18). Both Matthew and Luke tell us that Jesus’ birth place was in Bethlehem in Judea in the time of King Herod of Judea and Emperor Augustine of the Roman Empire. The gospels tell us that Jesus was born in a stable under an inn (Luke 2:7). This is unlikely because Bethlehem was the birthplace of David, who was Joseph’s ancestor. This means that there may have been a house with his cousins or extended family there. The Hebrew word for inn can also be described as ‘the upper room’ and in traditional Jewish houses, there was an upper room where the family stayed and underneath this was the place where the
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In Aries, the biggest planet Jupiter, which was linked to Kings, came clear in that night. Not only that but Saturn was also in Aries and the Sun and the Moon creating linear eclipse all at the same time. Astronomers would see this as the birth of a Super King. Astronomers such as the three wise men (Matt 2:1) who came to Judea to ask Herod about this new King who was to be born in Bethlehem. Because of this action Herod became furious and ordered the young boys of Bethlehem to be slaughtered in the infamous Massacre of Innocents (Matt 2:16). This caused Joseph and Mary to escape to Egypt until Herod’s death in 4BC. This date of around April as supports the fact that shepherds were out in the fields, which they wouldn’t be doing in Winter or late Autumn, as April is in Spring, seen in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 2:8)

Early Life of Jesus

Not a lot is known about Jesus at an early age. We do not see the growth of an amazingly powerful God-Child, but that of a humble Jewish child. We know that Jesus grew up in the town of Nazareth, of Galilee (Matt2:22-23) (Mark 1:9). Scripture tell us that he grew up with siblings, most likely from Josephs’ previous marriages. They were called James, Joseph, Simon and Judas, and the girls names are unknown (Mark1: 1-6), (Luke 4:16-30), Matthew 13:53-58). In these same versus we hear Jesus referred to as the carpenter’s son. So like most boys in those times
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