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Individual Case Analysis JetBlue Headquarters, Forest Hills, New York. Summary Statement JetBlue Airways, an American low-cost airline, headquartered in Forest Hills, New York started flying out of John F. Kennedy Airport in February of 2000.JetBlue started by following Southwest’s approach of offering low-cost travel, setting themselves apart from their competitor’s through the amenities they offer like in-flight entertainment, flat-screen TV’s on each seat, live digital satellite radio for all passengers, one-way tickets and no weekend stay over requirements to receive their cheaper fares. Analysis The case of JetBlue illustrates JetBlue’s plan to succeed, and be among the few airlines that have had longevity. Dave…show more content…
This came at the wake of JetBlue canceling some 1,000 flights in five days, as the direct result of an ice storm that hit the Eastern U.S. Neeleman states that the cancellations was as a result of a shoestring communication system that left pilots and flight attendants in the dark. Until such time JetBlue and their low fares were overwhelmingly popular and customer satisfaction ratings were great (Bailey, 2007). JetBlue I believe started experiencing great problems when they started rowing at a very fast pace and weren’t training their employees as the same pace, as Mr. Neeleman stated in that same article that “We had so many people in the company who wanted to help who weren’t trained to help,” he further went on to state that he had an emergency control center full of people who didn’t know what to do, flight attendants sitting in hotel rooms for days, pilots being available yet not knowing what to do. It is my conclusion that JetBlue sacrificed great communication and training for a larger, less efficient company. Due to JetBlue’s extremely fast grow, they lost communication in the process as a result losing customers and gaining a bad reputation just from one incident. I may also conclude that it may not be an extremely easy task, for JetBlue to gain back the trust and reputation they once had, because there are so many more low-fare carriers that are now in the industry, like Spirit and

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