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1. Evaluate the composition of the top executive team at JetBlue: a. Is the team appropriately composed for starting a successful airline and running it successfully over time, respectively? i. I believe they are appropriately composed to start a successful airline. Neelman is the CEO and he had previously been a part of a successful start up. Additionally he went and recruited top talent that he had personally done business with or had been very successful with similar airlines such as Southwest. Even though they were all top talent throughout the industry, all of the members were more interested in creating something new and fun. ii. This could potentially be a problem down the road because if they enjoy creating…show more content…
David Neeleman has set a number of key goals for JetBlue to accomplish. a. Identify three biases (and their sources) that might impair his ability to set effective goals for the company. i. NO LINES. This comes from when he worked at Southwest and as forced to fly that even with all of the customer oriented employees that customers would still have to wait in multiple lines before they could get to the gate. ii. “stick to your knitting” while trying to adapt to consumer tastes and markets. He believed this because he was a great admirer of Kelleher and Southwest. iii. You need to go where people want to fly. If people don’t want to fly you won’t be able to fill the seats no matter what the price is. b. What are the possible negative consequences of these biases for JetBlue’s future performance? i. No lines. These lines are created because the tellers are giving personal customer service to each and every customer and I believe if he succeeds in cutting the lines it could possibly lead to poor customer service or require the company to hire more people. ii. “Sticking to your knitting” but still adapt to changes in market and tastes. This is a very fine line to walk because how do you know what to adjust to. If the company keeps adjusting how can they keep the values of the company from changing iii. You need to go where people want to fly. By limiting the places you fly to, you also limit the

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