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History JetBlue Airways Corporation (JetBlue) was founded in 1998 in Delaware by David Neeleman, a former Southwest executive. The airline began operations in 2000 based out of JFK International Airport (JFK) in New York. JetBlue currently has over 12,900 employees and has been repeatedly ranked as number one in customer service among low-cost carriers by J.D. Power & Associates. As of December 31, 2010 the company operates over 650 flights daily, servicing 63 destinations in 21 states, including Puerto Rico, and eleven countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. The JetBlue’s goal from inception was to distinguish itself as a low-fare, low-cost passenger airline, offering high-quality customer service and a differentiated product.…show more content…
With 77 percent of total sales deriving from this website, it is essential JetBlue is committed to updating and refreshing this website. Small adjustment to the problems we found can be essential to increase sales. [pic] Competition Jet Blue is a member of the highly volatile and competitive airline industry. Jet Blue has purposefully positioned itself in the low-cost airline category. In this category Jet Blue’s major competitors are Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines. Up until the recent acquisition of Airtran by Southwest, Airtran Airways was the third major competitor airline to Jet Blue in the low cost air carrier category. Of the above mentioned companies Southwest airlines poses the most direct and intensive threat to business. The intense competition is no surprise; due to Jet Blue’s founder David Neeleman was a fired executive of Southwest. Southwest began service as a low-cost airline with three planes serving Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Southwest ranked #1 in 2009 and #2 in 2010 among all airlines for the number of passengers carried (BTStatisitics Southwest continued to rank highly among JD Power and associates 2011 North America Airline Satisfaction Study in the areas of reservation, boarding, staff, costs and fees, and check-in experience. The point-to-point network system employed by both Jet Blue and Southwest Airlines allow
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